I have a love/hate relationship with social media - like many of us I'm sure. The good. The bad. The evil. THE POWER. All forces to be reckoned with.
I partake, of course, dipping in and out, taking the temperature of the moment and engaging when I see fit.

The recent cry out via the social channels to help our British cheese makers, as they struggled with an overload of product due to COVID 19, was a prime example of an amazing outcome from a few posts that went viral and in turn helped save many in the craft cheese community. An unexpected virtual hug for all the artisan cheese makers dotted around the country! Recently Jamie Oliver collaborated with many of these artisans on Instagram sending heartfelt thanks to all of us that contributed this movement.

I ordered my cheese from The Courtyard Dairy and for those of you who know me, I am a sucker for creative packaging - so you can imagine how chuffed I was when I dug through shredded hay-like paper, only to find handwritten labels on every cheese, boasting stories of the cheesemakers, the milk type and processes. Simple and real. I felt like I was meeting each cheesemaker personally.

I've spoke to many during this lockdown and how our habits of shopping continue to evolve and change, for the better I might add. Online, direct to farmer, click and collect from our favourite restaurant turned take away, avoiding the queues at the big box shops and eating what the season has to offer. We're getting to know our farmers and understanding how important animal welfare is. We're supporting the little guy who needs it now more than ever. We're sharing with our neighbours and strengthening our communities. It's amazing how food will always have a way to bring us together during good times and bad.